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A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:.." Prov. 12:10


                             Purchase Contract

Seller’s Information

Name: __________________________________________________________________





Buyer’s Information

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________

Telephone: ______________________________________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________________________

Cat’s Information

Call Name: ______________________________________________________________

Registered Name: ________________________________________________________

TICA Registration #:_________________________________________

Breed: ____________________________  Color: _______________________________

Sex: Male /Female      Sold as:
Pet / Breeder

Born: _______________________________

Sire: ___________________________________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________________________________

Purchase Price: ______________________

By signing this contract both parties agree that the purchase amount has been paid in full.

The buyer agrees to:

1)      Keep cat/kitten indoors at all times. The nature of the breed allows for chilling, sunburning, as well as theft.
2)      Never release the kitten/cat to any animal shelter(no kill or otherwise) or research facility.
3)      Give proper care in regards to feeding, shelter, and veterinary care.
4)      Not cage kitten/cat as a regular course of life.
5)      To give Seller first right of refusal and to notify seller of any change of ownership.
6)      To have any kitten sold as a “pet” spayed/neutered within 10 days of turning 6mos. old. Seller must send proof of spay/neuter signed by licensed DVM. If no paperwork is sent, buyer agrees to surrender kitten to seller. 

The Seller agrees to:

1)      Have kitten/cat health checked by a veterinarian before placement.
2)      Have all appropriate vaccinations given to kitten/cat prior to placement.
3)     Take kitten/cat back, if purchaser is unable to keep, for any reason. Cat/kitten will be returned at purchaser’s expense.


 It is understood that no cat is completely hairless and even a completely bald kitten/cat may develop a degree of hair as he/she grows and matures. This can vary based on genetics, climate, and hormones.



Health Guarantee

Kittens/cats sold by Sandrock Sphynx are guaranteed to be in good health at time of placement. Kittens/cats must be checked by a licensed DVM within seven (7) days of purchase. If a problem is found with the health of the kitten/cat, we must receive written and signed proof, by your DVM, as to health problem and treatment options. Sandrock Sphynx then has the option to refund full purchase price and receive kitten/cat back or pay for treatment. Return of kitten/cat will be at purchaser’s expense.

The life of kitten/cat is guaranteed against genetic defects for 1 full year from date of placement.  Seller must be provided with a copy of a necropsy performed by a licensed DVM. At that time, kitten/cat will be replaced with another like kitten/cat. Color and sex cannot be guaranteed. If Seller is no longer breeding, this guarantee null and void. This guarantee does not include death caused by bacterial infections, viruses, accident, neglect, or theft.


Your kitten is guaranteed to not contract HCM for a period of 3 years. HCM will need to be confirmed by a DACVIM, or through a necropsy. Seller will replace kitten/cat with another like kitten/cat. Color and sex cannot be guaranteed. If seller is no longer breeding, this guarantee is null and void.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Buyer may return kitten/cat at anytime during the first 30 days for any reason. A refund will be given, minus the original deposit. Kitten/cat must be health checked by licensed DVM within 3 days prior to return. Return of kitten/cat is at buyer’s expense. Refund will be given after kitten/cat is checked by Seller’s licensed DVM. Refund will be minus cost of  any treatment for health problems found. Buyer has a right to see Seller’s veterinary findings. Kitten/cat must come with all original paperwork given at time of placement.


  • Seller will not be responsible for any costs incurred by kitten/cat including, but not limited to, shipping, vet bills, certifications, feed, ect….
  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping/delivery costs to and from Seller.
  • If  HCM is found in kitten/cat within the 3 year period, buyer has the option to keep kitten/cat and still receive another of like kind. If kitten/cat was sold as breeder, he/she must be spayed or neutered, with written proof, before receiving another kitten/cat.
  • This guarantee is non-transferable.
  • Breach of contract will require immediate surrender of cat/kitten back to Seller. Any legal costs required to fulfill contractual terms will be paid for by Buyer.

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